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About Us

"Let your soul mate find you". This is a unique matrimonial business model built by JP Groups. This unique business model was built by their business analysis and R&D teams. They consulted spiritual leaders, marriage counselors, psychology counselors, social workers, wedding event managers, wedding photographers, wedding candid photographers, marriage trend analyzers, dating background check agencies, wedding shopping analysis & blog writers and many more experts. The objective was to make an online matrimonial portal for the current generation by understanding the current generations expectations and older generations expectations and values. JP Groups has developed a unique algorithm to accomplish the goal "Let your soul mate find you". JP Groups is committed to continue the research especially in analyzing the business requirements, fast moving trends, adopting the latest technology in dating business, and enhance punithammatrimony portal every day to make punithammatrimony the only one portal which helps your soul mate to find you.

Wishing you a happy match-making experience.

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Team punithammatrimony